Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A break in the rain after three days of sodden downpour. South West British Columbia is drowning in this deluge. Hope and Chilliwack teeter on the brink of emergency.

You would think it would be a familiar refrain by now. The price of a temperate climate in the Pacific North West has always been this yearly monsoon while the rest of the Country undergoes a deep freeze. But lately, as locals will remark, the rain has been coming a little harder and earlier than in the past.

Is this collective hysteria or another sign of a coming global warming apocolypse on the not too distant horizon. At this point I shrug it off.

Dont get me wrong. I do CARE and will resolutely cast my vote to send the ruling Conservative Party out of employ( I mean, come on, a Green Plan to be fully implemented by 2050) but barring that, and any information I can send out to the world, why worry.

Aimless anxiety is simply not my game.Or, maybe I am just bored.

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