Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quebecois Or Canadian, More Alike Than They Appear

Quebec a nation within a State . With that phrase Prime Minister Harper has set off a firestorm of debate and ressurected querelous spirits that appeared to have long since left the fray.

Proving himself a gifted strategist Mr Harper hopes to raise his flagging fortunes in La belle provence and f
urther cement his minority government's tenuous hold on the Canadian electorate's good will.

Doug Sanders recently writes of the varying success of implementing such a governance in the cases of the U.K and Scotland and Spain and Catalan.

Quebec is without a doubt a unique province, a fact that none will deny. But are they really so different.

Georges St Pierre new WelterWeight Champion of the UFC is remarkably unassuming in person. For a man engaged in a brutal proffession he is polite, soft spoken and as was witnessed in the buildup to his title fight not particulary good at the bombast required of pre-fight hype. He appeared nervous and uncertain as he stated his intent to win. His opponent, Matt Hughes by contrast seemed confident and assured in his promise to deliver a knock out.

As a partial observer you felt concern for Mr St Pierre.

Until, that is when the fight began.

Then, St Pierre was lethal, throwing punches and kicks with punishing accuracy. Hughes was overwhelmed, knocked out in the secound round and relinquishing a title he had held for a decade.

After the fight St Pierre was once again his previous self, modest and self deprecating even in the wake of such a dominating performance.

His accent gives away his Quebecois francophone roots before he even relays his Montreal Address but the modesty and understated charm: well, that's all Canadian.

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