Monday, December 11, 2006

Shelby Lynne: Playing On Her Own Terms

"I do exactly what I want, not only musically but making decisions I want to make, and I have to take responsibility for those decisions... in the past I did play more by the rules, but I've never been law-abiding." -Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne has always bucked the rules

Instinctively rejecting the easy path offered her early in her career by virtue of her beauty and voice, she felt hemmed in and simply said no to it all.

Or, more likely she said "Fuck it all"; Lynne has never sugar coated her feelings, or censored her words.

Pain is a familial memory for Lynne. Her father, long an abusive drunk, one night went too far and shot Lynne's mother and then himself. Lynne was an orphan at 17, left with a younger sister.

What came after was country music cliche; an early marriage followed in quick succesion by a divorce and a music contract that bound her spirit in the same bland, sentimental fare that plagues the musical airwaves in epidemic proportions today.

She made a break; rumor has it she holed up in an RV in Arizona for six months smoking weed until the past was, to some extent purged. When she re-emerged she was determined to decide what she was going to sing and how her career was to proceed.

In 1999 the world came around to Shelby Lynne's talent as she was rewarded with a Grammy for best new artist for I am Shelby Lynne.

Killin kind shows Lynne fully capable of playing the glam doll but she gives a sense of not caring in spite of it all.

Your Lies shows Lynne's blued eyed soul in a way more akin to her natural

Hollyweird finally captures Lynne live in concert, spontaneous and wild, in her natural element.

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