Sunday, March 04, 2007

Holly McNarland

Holly McNarland's tattoo adorned right arm draws your eye the first time you look her way. A delicate build, and an ethereal farway look to her eyes and yet the dark winged band of a tattoo hints at interesting complications.

Keep the tatoo in mind and do not be fooled by her slight form. If you are you will not be prepared for the mordant edge of her lyrics and the voice that explodes f
rom her slender frame.

This fellow British Columbian is someone who you will not tire of hearing.

Numb No need for explanations for anyone who has lived and felt overwhelmed.

Elmo The video is so darkly arresting along with the song.

Coward Sums up a feeling of the current age.

Beautiful Blue A moody evocative piece here in its recorded and live version

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