Wednesday, March 07, 2007

India And Canada Polling Well

A recent BBC International popularity poll placed Canada on top of the list of Countries universally perceived to have the most positive reputation in the world today while India was the most improved nation, apparently moving up leaps and bounds in international esteem.

Canadians are nice seemed to be the word on the street in different countries. Nice is one of those words that no-one is especially proud to claim as their own; sexless, neutral, bland, disinterested but yes really nice, a catchall for innocuousness. Yet you won't see many in Canada getting to worked up over it; that may be why the world sees the place that way, Canadians if you indulge generalities just seem to roll with the punches and get on living.

India on the other hand is that brilliant underachieving student who has just been gliding by without much effort. Well, it needs to be noted that first she was not allowed into the school for years even though she was easily capable of handling the curriculum. Now in school given a little leeway and allowed to hand in his own ideas everyone is taken aback by the once lackadaisical lady's's work. Mind you she is just building up steam and everyone knows what's coming.

There is a link to be found between India and Canada, or for that matter between India and the rest of the world in its sometimes ill regarded NRI diaspora; the sometimes quietly whispered Non Required Population, and so on in that vein. The distinctions may be based in economic jealousy,that in some contexts is provoked by a habit of flaunting advantage but the flaring of acrimony does not remove the facts that Indians are Indians wherever they end up, in terms of expectations and behaviour and all the little things that make them what they are.

If there is any doubt take the example of Russel Peters, the talented Indo-Canadian comic. For years Peters spun his shtick and although it was raw, original deeply funny stuff he did not make a lot of headway, kind of grinding through the stand up comic tour. That was until, someone put up a video of his routine online and a wider audience caught wind of his talent.Indian populations the world over got him and so did the non-Indians- although not quiet as well. Now Peters is on easy street living in Los Angeles and selling out wherever he goes. There is a just arc to the story. Indian and Canadian and doing incredibly well; and of course, living the American dream.

Here are a few samples of Peters.

Beating your kids: Kind of accentuates some differences among Canadians among other things.

The World is Mixing, well kind of.

English Accent

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