Thursday, March 22, 2007


Blackpool memories: Sea Side holidays, bed and breakfasts run by kind, matronly women. A giant Ferris wheel turning right by the water. Blackpool tower overlooking the town and showing up in all kinds of replica mementos- a tower shaped salt shaker anyone? Blackpool is that quaint resort beach town that does not try to be more than it is. Just light fun.

The Kooks, four Blackpool college students are now marketed the same way. It's all melody and sweetness and light. The Yang to the Arctic Monkey's Yin, the band to which inevitable comparisons are made . Although, the duality is imposed. Neither band is so hard edged, or in turn, as sweet as implied. The comparisons invite the distinctions because they are might seem to blur together otherwise in a byline seeking media.

They are both young, British, alternative -in the sense they're not engineered by production teams-, their songs sung in North England everyday speak, and they have gone nowhere to everywhere fast courtesy of digital marketing. Most of all like the Arctic Monkeys the Kooks are good.

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