Thursday, March 01, 2007

West To East

    West To East.

    It appears Professional Sports Organisations make no apologies for being businesses anymore. Putting the cart before the horse the National Football League scouts for punters from China to exploit the tempting untapped viewer market that lies that way.Cynical it may be but there will be no shortage of athletic talent to be found. A win win situation.

  • The U.S tries diplomacy in Iran. A hopeful sign that an air of pragmatism will prevail as any military action would surely needlessly polarize a demographically youthful Iranian population who are already receptive to change.

  • The future of Medicine, perhaps. The magic bullet on the horizon: A tongue in cheek view from the future.

  • Suranga Chandralitke co-founder of Blinkx, the search engine for online video, making it easy to find what you need from the millions of hours of video currently available. Speed is of the essence when your looking for something to pass the time.

  • Frank Miller's graphic novel 300 now realized on film. The film in some contexts could be seen as jingoistic posturing; An echo of the modern hysteria over terrorism- the rational freedom loving Greeks seen to hold off the the terrorist Persian hordes against impossible odds.
  • It needs to be remembered the 300 were from Sparta, a brutally authoritarian city state and not to be confused with Athens which has been held up as the shining beacon of democratic virtue throughout the ages but ironically was also sustained by a huge slave population.
  • Also, any of the usual implied villifications of Islam may be ignored since the historical war desribed, the Battle of Thermopylae predates the faith by over a 1000 years.

  • Semiotics of the film aside, the cinemotography looks amazing.

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