Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Win-Win Scenario

The changes in tactics
and tidal shifts of emotion that have marked the U.S democratic primary in the last month distract from an important reality: These are two excellent candidates, candidates with differing styles yet both equal to the task. Polls conducted a few months ago showed 70 percent of voters were sure either candidate would serve the Democrats as well in a presidential election.

Recent developments have taken a shine off that sentiment. A series of negative tactics by Hilary Clinton have put a brake on Barack Obama's momentum.
Clinton is energized and stronger but tainted. And Obama's message is for the first time suspect, seen as more style than substance. 
The news coverage does a disservice to their cause. Stories run on a high pitch and the peaks favor whoever last won a state, no matter the narrow margin of victory and the slight difference in delegate count. George Packer's article The choice underlines the tangible importance of inspiration,
Barack Obama's remarkable talent and provides  insight on Hilary Clinton and her understated gifts.

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