Monday, April 21, 2008

Gag Rule Lifting

There's never been a better time for conspiracy theory enthusiasts than in these early years of the 21st century . The world wide web offers anyone with access to an Internet connection a broad and deep selection, a seemingly bottomless reservoir of facts and stories. There's more than enough information there to lay down the soil for a seed of suspicion. Then, when it's firmly planted nurture it so that it grows, grows to take on a shape and form that one day under the right conditions might with a little refinement become a new elevated insight, an epiphany, or even a revelation of a certain kind. However, there's always a good chance- a better than average chance- it may throw open the doors to the dark and overlapping corridors of paranoia.

It's not one of those deep thought moments to suggest that we live in an age of hyperbole. At no other time in our history has the media been so pervasive in our daily lives. And It does appear a tower of Babel, of dissonant voices that clamor for attention in a game where the loudest often wins. Its the main reason that I find myself drifting away from polemic in favor for more solid ground, the kind of consensus that makes me think there's more to this than hot air. It's the reason it's good to read articles like the one in the New York Times today that comes up with more evidence of what everyone pretty well assumes now about the Bush administration.

Why has it taken so long. Lewis Lapham discusses it at length in his book Gag Rule. His summary of it is here.

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