Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Cynic and the Dreamer

The Judicial debacle that handed G W his first term had gone down. 9/11 was months away. I was in Chandigarh, Le Corbusier's  concrete footprint. In suburban comfort, I read an article that captivated me. Far from the story's frame of reference, a December chill fell across the North, temperatures below the register that made November an anticipation, another trial before the sweltering heat returned. Here I read Charles P Pierce's take on John McCain.

It was a dated story, had been build-up piece before the contested Republican primary where the Bush campaign machine would savage the former war hero. Without understanding the nuances of the American electoral process I found myself entranced by the writer. I read for the style and mood and delivery. Distractions would close up further acquaintance with Pierce for years.
May 2008 the Bush presidency now in its dying embers is a spectacular failure. The country's mired in a a ruinous foreign occupation, the economy slides toward a halt and there's a palpable wish for change. A single catalyst is all that's required to start the reaction, someone to return the country to the far sighted promise of the founders. But who among them will believe this man if he appears,and why should they, it's all been lies , broken promises and double-talk for so long.

 Charles P Pierce casts his wise, talented and yes, cynical eye on the one who brings the promise and with it the prescient question, will he deliver the change?

It's a fine profile on the probable Democratic Presidential nominee, one that expresses the context of all the compromises and false steps that have paved the way for these desperate times and it's done in his inimitable style.

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