Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yep ..Gustav
ripped up Cuba. They're clearing out New Orleans, preemptively this time.

Man, that's horrible. You know I  caught the news about flooding in Bihar".

That's been in the news a for a while now. Where've you been?

work .... I guess .. just out of the loop.

Shell shocked a little?

Yeah, you could be right. Maybe I've been choosing Brigadoon for a while.


Old story man. I grew up  n the UK, in London, kind of rough area. My folks worked to make ends. I was about 8 0r 9 and I would come home from school and the TV was the babysitter. Watched everything that came on. One night they had this old film, Brigadoon. A Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse musical about a  New york exec who goes to Scotland to get away from the rat race.


well, he's there hiking with his friend one day in the highlands and they wander onto this village that seems like its from another century. There he meets Cyd charisse a girl from the village,

OK, now I remember the name .. she died recently right

yeah a little while back.. 86 years ...she had a good run.

Back in her day Miss Charisse was something else. Legs, hair, flashing eyes and all the elegance and grace you could package into one woman. So, of course, our boy Gene falls head over heels,
But there's a catch.


The village only comes to life every 100 years. Each day in its reality is a 100 years in Gene's world

Big catch

Yeah .. big he has to make a decision. Stay with the girl and the village where it's personal and warm or head back to the Big Apple, cynical cold and an endless array of impersonal encounters.

That sounds like the plot to every comnit-phobe flick ever made.

Yeah but they do it right. He chooses New York.

Good man!!

But then they cop out. He changes his mind and the village kind of has extended hours so he can get with Miss Charisse again.

So you went off to hang with her in Brigadoon for a while did you?

You could say that, the Bengali version ..a 100 years give or take. Not long to wait... In the meantime.. the endless array.


Amrita said...

I ADORE that movie. It was one of the first Gene Kelly movies I ever saw and even as a child I could feel the pull of it. I like to think i would have made the same decision.

Gagan said...

me too Amrita,

when I think back to that time it has a bleak black and white feeling to it and the escapism of films like that were like some vital sustaining color.

Brigadoon may be more than an individual, a place that lends that desired connection some real context... lately I have been thinking that the place has a greater place than the romantic notions of individuals, an atmosphere that opens your heart to possibility that u refused to consider before

cryptic i know but i think find the place and the rest will take care of itself. Brigadoon is what we are all looking for in some way