Sunday, September 28, 2008


2008. The Reaper virus decimates the North. A callous administration at 10 Downing street orders the barricade of all the inhabitants behind an impenetrable steel wall. Expendable as always the Geordies and Scots are assumed to have all died in the aftermath of the terrible consumption.

25 years later, 2033, a more lethal version of the virus emerges, this time to London, the golden citadel, and a cure has yet to be found. It's then revealed in administrative quarters that survivors exist behind the enclosed walls in the North. Survivors. Immunity. The chance for a cure. London must be saved. Who will they send to lead the team to the savage, infested lands to retrieve a sample,to find someone whose blood might save the capitol?

The choice is clear: Major Eden Sinclair of the Department of Domestic Security. She is the best you will ever find as Bob Hoskins never tires of assuring the prime minsters office.

And so we have Doomsday a send up of a long list of post-apocalyptic films that everyone has seen running on late night television and ignored, Mad Max, Road Warrior, Escape from new york . Director Neil Marshall has put together a pastiche in homage to all those B films as well to some fine works like John Boorman's Excalibur and Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men.

Rhona Mitra steals the show as the iron Eden Sinclair. Buffed, cynical and made for action, Sinclair is an arresting sight. A palette of Bengali facial features and London private school inflections she delivers the punchline to an old comedy night at the Apollo joke. Why is it hard to break up with a really fine sista in person? Cos watching her walk away always forces the unavoidable change of heart.

The film throughout is silly in the way of all sci-fi with low production values but it has a sense of humor to it, irony, and a cheeky quality.

Mad, mad boy soccer hooligan Sol, his Heavy metal banshee babe, the inevitable Dr with the cure and the penchant for self righteous soliloquies. The virgin maiden who is the world's salvation and of course the men at the top who are out to fuck us all. Great fun to see a woman who kicks ass from beginning to end and knows how to make a spanking new Bentley purr.

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