Friday, October 03, 2008


Waist deep in election season on both sides of the border and I swear I could not care less

What's up man. thought you lived for that stuff.

yeah.. I know.. it's a phase. Real life is hard enough  no thinking other than my own little world. work, play, glide through the motions.

How out of touch are you?

You wanna to know how out of touch I am?...... I saw Tina Fey do Sarah Palin before I ever saw Sarah Palin do Sarah Palin. I'm serious dude, see it that way and you'll think the same thing. Tina Fey does a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin, way more convincing. You know there should be some rule where if someone imitates you better than you being yourself, you should just forfeit your identity. I mean just that's it had your chance and you couldn't cut it. Sorry try being someone else.

What about Tina Fey, would she stop having to be Tina Fey?

No, No man. It's all meritocracy according to these rules. Tina Fey could still be Tina Fey cos no-one does a better Tina Fey than her.

How would she swing being Tina Fey and Sarah Palin?

Easy man.... the Sarah Palin part at least....she just has to play Sarah Palin now and then, cos the trick to Sarah Palin is not to overact. The role is straightforward. Little nerdy, kind of hot in like a middle aged librarian kind of way, and say earnest things, I mean seem like you're really trying hard. People love that. And then the rest of the time you get to be Tina Fey, a little nerdy, kinda hot in a middle aged librarian kind of way and say interesting insightful things.

I should get more interested here too....I mean I so don't want Harper to win a majority but lately I just don't give a fuck.

Why you smiling?

I was just reminded of a line from a Chris Rock show. He has this bit about George Bush being the worst President ever. Worst President of anything you could imagine, Baseball, the PTA, basically shames the hell out the word President. Then just to punctuate the idea he says imagine you're hanging off a cliff and George Bush is there standing there with his pockets overflowing with fucks, just too many fucks to count. You say Mr president please help me here .. give me one of those and Bush says ...hey can't do that know I don't give a fuck.

so you should always give a fuck

always, always

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