Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beautiful Losers

Sometimes you know it'll end badly, but you  throw, you understand what I'm saying

loud and clear my man loud and clear!! It's what you do. ... throw.


You're saying you like that Judas Iscariot bitch?

like's not strong enough, I love her and knock it off ok. Kurt Cobain was a singer in a grunge band not fucking Jesus Christ And she didn't kill him. He OD' all by himself

yeah, yeah... whatever..I'll cut her some slack if you tell me why you're so worked up over her.

It's a question of aesthetics man

what the fuck are Courtney Love and aesthetics doing in the same sentence?

Celebrity skin... that song does it for me. she can do whatever she wants after that.. It sums up all of the fallen. Everyone who slips through the cracks in the fame game. No one else said it better

so what

what do you mean so what...don't tell me you're one of those art is beauty beauty art assholes.

why not's fucked up enough without wallowing in the muck for your entertainment

I'm not sure if  get it. Listen man every little hot number you've lusted after at the club or down on the corner is represented there. You want to own her when she's fresh, you want to do every thing to her but you're just one in an audience of thousands who see her and wanna to do the same thing . Maybe the girls at the club have got some back up, and you know they do ok. But think of the others who look like that and have no one. More often than not they fall man, they fall hard. Hey, I'm no better than you. The same things run across my mind but I guess the thing that could separate us from complicity is the second thought, after the reflex. If you have the second thought you're willing to allow a voice to the fallen . You're willing to listen to their scream. There's beauty in it like everything if your strong enough not to look away

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