Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Signal ( Hoobastank- The Reason)

The signal manifests itself as a puzzling excess at certain frequencies of a fog of microwaves that permeates the cosmos and is probably left over from the Big Bang itself. It suggests that something is pumping large amounts of extra energy — about six times more than can be accounted for by all the galaxies known and unknown — into the universe.

Feeling a little nervous
about the economy. Not sure if anyone has a clue. Join the club, a membership of billions and growing. Big things are happening in the world, things beyond most of us.

But how big are these events on the grand scale of the universe. As stress relief it's a way to look away and yet really look at the world when you read articles like this in the New York Times today. A radio signal from the big bang, which hints at untold levels of mysterious energy coming from God knows where. Read it and try not to worry. There are bigger things out there than anything we could possibly imagine here.

Perspective in hand find a reason to weather the storm.

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