Friday, March 20, 2009

I Feel You ( Pink- Like a Pill)

My blood rises

at the very thought of you

The thought of you

Electrical impulses that run through elegantly, arranged arrays

of protein, fat, water, sugar and salt

Is that all there is?

all this, the answer to the mystery at the source of it all

a trail end of material residue

or, is there more at the heart of it all

vibrations of infinitesimal, incandescent matter,

irreducible energy

reflection of a larger order

revelation of a deeper theme

who knows

in the objective sense

I feel is all I know

Feel you like a knife

with a jagged edge

like a pure note of distress

Like a pill without remedy

like hope without salvation

desire drained of contrition

Life without eternity

a pinpoint of light in a universe of night

I feel you

Pink - Like a Pill

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