Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dancing in the Moonlight ( Thin Lizzy)

Standing motionless, holding a script, she had the stillness of a photograph. As if she felt Arkady's eyes, she looked toward him, and her gaze gave him the sense of being momentarily illuminated. She turned her attention back to the scene in the garden, but not before he'd seen the mark on her right cheek. In the militia picture the mark was gray. He saw now that it was a blue discoloration, small but striking because she was beautiful.

Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith

I could never feel better

than I do at this moment

Is something I tend to say

day by day

Each moment falls into the next

forming a pattern

a familiar shape

perhaps it is all a stage

all of us players

locked in the perception

that it is all random

blind to the signs that point to

willful predestination

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