Saturday, June 13, 2009


“Nothing is unstable,” Frank Wilczek, a physicist and Nobel laureate from MIT, finally said to a general murmur of agreement of his colleagues on stage, John Barrow of Cambridge University in England, Paul Davies of Arizona State and George Ellis of the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

John Tierney NYT

If nothing is really nothing then why do we have the physics of nothing

really matters anymore

nothing is more important that came before

nothing is really, just nothing

A line not heard of little relevance

Lost in the ether of a million aimless conversations

thrown away, the response

to a million questions

lost in thought, feeling misunderstood,

or too excited to linger on a tangent thought

nothing, she said,

but nothing is more

the space between

and all around

a cushion of nothing

is what holds together

every iota of a thing

is really no less

than everything

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